PSALM 91 Global prayer for Israel and against WWIII

Operation Psalm 91 – A Global Prayer Guide to Pray For Israel and Against WWIII

In light of many of God’s people interceding for Israel, the complete stopping of Hamas in Gaza, Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Houthis in Yemen, ISIS in Iraq, and Iran, the Taliban in Afghanistan, and other terrorist groups, there are many prayer leaders calling for concerted prayer. The world is reeling with horror at the Hamas attack of October 7, 2023, on Israel.

In addition, Rick and Patricia Ridings of Succat Hallel in Jerusalem, gave a word of warning over 15 years ago that Satan was going to try and start WW3 through a regional conflict or war.  With the aligning of Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea, possible escalation globally is real, and even potentially imminent. Iran is close to gaining nuclear capabilities. Alliances are being formed globally that can produce deadly consequences.

Therefore, we are calling for 21 days of prayer and fasting, beginning Saturday, 11/11/23, through 12/1/23. Why are we starting on 11/11? Because of the significance of this being the eleventh hour. Simply put, there is no time to waste.

Worldwide, we are seeing turmoil in our streets. Chaos is ensuing on various levels, and more importantly, the Jewish People are, once again, the brunt of serious antisemitism. Chants of, “From the river to the sea,” calling for the complete annihilation of the Jewish State, Israel, are being shouted globally on university campuses to the tarmacs of airport runways.

History will judge us as our response to these threats. All Christians believe in the power of prayer. We quote 2 Chronicles 7:14. We talk about the prayer of agreement. Now, let us be the watchmen on the wall for our nations and the world.

Preparation for watchmen prayer:

1.      Ask God for a clean heart. Spend time seeking God to show you any areas of unforgiveness, offense, or hatred. (Ps. 24:3-4)

2.     Humble yourself under the hand of the Almighty God. Seek God for areas of pride. (1 Peter 5:6)

3.     Repent for any antisemitism in your family or generations. (Numbers 24:9)

4.     Fast as the Lord shows you. (Is. 58:6)

5.     Pray Psalm 91 over yourself and your family members each day.

Prayer for Israel:

1.     Pray Psalm 91 over Israel.

2.     Ask God to heal and comfort the nation and the people whose family members were killed in the Hamas attack.

3.     Pray for the return of the hostages.

4.     Pray for the Israeli Defense Forces for protection.

5.     Ask God to give the IDF eagle eyes to see with precision how to battle.

6.     Pray for the intelligence community of Israel to know how to report on the Hamas terror engine for targeted strikes with the fewest loss of lives.

7.     Pray against Iran obtaining nuclear power to destroy Israel.

8.   Intercede that the war not spread to other fronts.

9.   Pray for protection from the rockets and bombings taking place on a daily basis.

10.  Intercede for the Messianic leaders and their families, and congregations for safety, as well as other ministries in the land.

Prayer against WWIII:

1.     Pray that the coalition and any hidden “hand-shake” agreements between Iran, Russia, China, and North Korea be stopped. Intercede that they will not be able to be allies as a war engine.

2.     Pray for Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia, and surrounding nations be protected from being embroiled in WW3 and overtaken.

3.     Pray for the overthrow of wicked governments that are manifesting an empire spirit to take over the lands and the wealth of other nations.

4.     Intercede that other nations will not fund the rogue nations from forming alliances.

Intercession for the Innocent:

As we are also deeply grieved for the death and wounding of many innocent civilians in Gaza, let us cry out to God for a swift ending to Hamas. We must remember that we have brothers and sisters in Christ in Gaza and these other mentioned nations, such as Lebanon, who are suffering intensely, and we must pray for them.

May the Lord respond swiftly to our intercession to avert a third world war. May He give us more time to reap a great harvest of souls. And may He be glorified greatly in the nations of the earth!

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